By the time of the event you have danced West Coast Swing for at leasts one year, and you take classes regularly. You feel comfortable leading or following this dance socially, and you do social dance as often as you can. This level will improve your tecnique by fun variations and cool patterns. The weekend will leave you full of inspiration. Instructors: Bret and Joëlle, USA and France



You are hooked! A true west coast addict. You have been taken classes for more than two years, you attend as many events as you can and you never miss a chance to social dance all night. You might even teach it to others. This level will include a lot of tecnique, variations and a deeper understanding of the dance. Instructors: Bret and Joëlle, USA and France




Erika och Egil

To ensure that everyone gets the most out of the weekend we have chosen to have workshops in three levels.


Novice drop-in:

You have taken one or more weekend beginners courses, or are attending beginners classes regularly. This level will go through fun variations of the basic patterns, footwork and improving the connection. The workshops will be held in Swedish. No registration is necessary, just come as you are. Instructors: Egil och Erika, Wcssweden, Stockholm

Bret and Joëlle